Famous Last Words


This month in Famous Last Words:

– Podcast – Adam Kaplin, race driver and aviator.

– Electric Utes in 2023 thanks to a Queensland start-up.

– The Dilemma – Electric or Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles.

– DeLorean emerges from its own time machine.

– House for sale with its own racetrack.

Enjoy! Glenn Ridge

This month’s Famous Last Words Podcast is with Adam Kaplin, a very passionate car racer who over the years has competed in many forms of racing in some very special cars. I first met Adam at the second Targa Tasmania…

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In a recent Gizmodo.au article written by Zachariah Kelly ‘Toyota Slammed by Greenpeace, Ranked dead last on Electrification’, he wrote: The world’s biggest car manufacturers have been analysed in Greenpeace’s new report, with Toyota put on blast for falling behind…

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Being a long-time believer that Hydrogen-powered vehicles are a far better environmental alternative to electric vehicles, I was pleased to hear that the South Australian premier Peter Malinauskas recently committed $593 million to build what could be the world’s largest…

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If you’re a film buff, you’re probably aware that the highest-grossing film in 1985 was the first of the ‘Back to the Future’ franchise, which was followed in 1989 with ‘Back to the Future – Part 2’ and then in…

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You often hear of airfield housing estates where people can fly their planes from a shared airfield to their front door, John Travolta for example has such a house near Orlando in Florida, where he parks amongst other planes his…

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