Famous Last Words


This month in Famous Last Words:

Podcast: David Segal – Journo, PR man and Driver Manager

– Ford SuperVan 4.2 and Pikes Peak ‘Race to the Clouds’

– Hyundai Flying Taxi and Waymo’s autonomous ride service …. What the!!

– Is this the end of the Brabham B62R supercar?

– ‘Ferrari’ – The Movie

Enjoy! Glenn Ridge

This months Famous Last Words Podcast is with a man who most V8 Supercar enthusiast would know, David Segal, the founder of Media and Communications Services and Advantis Sports Management. Australian Motorsport has been a big part of David’s entire…

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Being neither a passionate Holden nor Ford enthusiast I find it easy to look at both brands without the old loyalty factor coming into play. So, when you look back to when both brands ceased local production in Australia, Ford…

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Flying taxis and autonomous ride services ……, my old man would be turning in his grave wondering what the world is coming too, in fact I think if I were I dead, I’d be wondering too! When I was a…

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Although I never had the pleasure of seeing Jack Brabham actually race, I was fortunate that in his later life I met him numerous times and was lucky enough to interview him at various motorsport functions several times, and there…

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Over the last six months it seems that a new car-oriented movie is released every other week, with the most recent, just before Christmas being a biographical sports drama titled ‘Ferrari’. No guessing as to what the basis of the…

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