Famous Last Words


This month in Famous Last Words:

– Podcast with Phil Bernadou – The Classic Outback Trial Event Organiser

– The Apple Electric Car and the traditional manufacturers

– Ford Ranger Raptor versus Jeep Gladiator Rubican

– A television commercial for a boring car that gets attention!

– What makes a real Lamborghini Lover?

Enjoy! Glenn Ridge

The Classic Outback Trial is a seven-day desert rally that’s said to relive the legendary adventures of the Redex, Ampol, Mobil and Repco trials in a realistic time frame. It’s been held on amazing roads and tracks throughout the Australian…

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The debate around the likes of fully technology based electric vehicles including autonomous cars etc and their impact on the future of the traditional carmakers of today is certainly hotting up as Apple seems to be getting closer to launching…

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I must confess that I do have a love of the big American SUV utes and have had for many years. I did try to convince my family once that we needed one of the original oversized Hummer H1’s that…

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In last month’s Famous Last Words, I highlighted some television commercials that appeared during this year’s NFL Super Bowl broadcast and received many comments from people who were keen to share their best ads. Although I won’t list them, there…

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The question is often asked why people love cars and in particular what makes some really love a particular brand of car. Well, this video gives an insight into why some people are real Lamborghini lovers and maybe ages comes…

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