Famous Last Words


This month in Famous Last Words:

– Podcast – Mike Drewer PR man and Salt Lake Racer

– INEOS Grenadier – The Hard Way Home

– Drone through the Porsche Museum

– Mad Max Ford V8 Interceptor Replica for Sale

– Old Toyota HiLux Television Commercials

Enjoy! Glenn Ridge

Although I’ve lived in Victoria for many years, I grew up in Adelaide and am still a regular visitor back there to see family, so I’ve been aware of this month’s Famous Last Words Podcast guest for many years. Mike…

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A little over twelve months ago there was a lot of talk about a new car that was about to be released based on the old Land Rover Defender, it’s a five-seat almost purpose-built off-road 4×4 wagon, called the INEOS…

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During the 90’s I was lucky to be able to produce and present a series of Australian Outback documentaries where we visited some of this country’s most remote and beautiful places. As the best way to really show the vastness…

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I think one of the most iconic movie franchises is the Australian film series of ‘Mad Max’ and even though it’s nearly 45 years since the first movie ‘Mad Max’ hit the screens in 1979, I still love watching them…

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It may just be me and it may also be an age thing, but I’m told all too frequently nowadays that I can’t say that, or the PC (Politically Correct) Police will get me! I say it’s an age thing…

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