Famous Last Words


This month in Famous Last Words:

– Podcast – Josh Dowling, National Motoring Editor Drive.com.au

– The 2023 Bentley Continental GT Speed

– The Mada 9 – Afghanistan’s first Supercar, …. kinda!

– Tesla Model 3 crash and semi-autonomous technology

– ‘Untold – The Race of the Century’ Netflix

Enjoy! Glenn Ridge

This month’s Famous Last Words Podcast is with Josh Dowling, National Motoring editor of Drive.com.au. From humble beginnings, Josh worked incredibly hard early in his career to get to where he is today and is a perfect example of how…

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I think it’s time to be a little opulent, and for me, just to dream a lot …. In 2003 whilst hosting The Car Show for the Nine Network, I was lucky enough to drive the first Bentley Continental GT…

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What do you reckon about this for a new sports car launch video? ‘SMOKE!’ – Entop Initial response to the story last month that the Taliban ruled Afghanistan had unveiled its first ever Supercar in Kabul was one of trepidation….

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I don’t mind admitting that I’m very much a ‘fully automated vehicles on our public roads’ sceptic. Now before all the tech nerds get on my case accusing me of being a dinosaur, living in the dark age and denying…

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On Boxing Day, I along with every other man and their dog, took to the cliffs and vantage points around Sydney Harbour and the heads to see the start of the 2022 Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. I’ve been…

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