Podcast – Josh Dowling, National Motoring Editor Drive.com.au

This month’s Famous Last Words Podcast is with Josh Dowling, National Motoring editor of Drive.com.au.

From humble beginnings, Josh worked incredibly hard early in his career to get to where he is today and is a perfect example of how tenacity, patience, and a love for something can get you to places you only dreamed of. Along his journey he’s been Motoring Editor for the Sydney Morning Herald and the Herald Sun, worked on Auto Action and Motor Magazine publications and is one of only two Australian-based judges on the annual “World Car of the Year” Awards.

One of the highlights of Josh’s career was the four years he was the technical advisor on the television series ‘Top Gear Australia’ which saw him spend time in England with Jeremy Clarkson and the crew, and he gives us some great insights into what makes that series without doubt (in my opinion) the best in the world.

Josh has an incredible knowledge of the Australian Motoring scene and is very passionate about all thing’s cars, so I hope you enjoy this months Famous Last Words podcast with Josh Dowling.

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