Famous Last Words


This month in Famous Last Words:

– Podcast – Motorsport videographer Ben Sale.

– Netflix ‘Drive to Survive’ – Season 4

– Dodge RAM vs Chevrolet Silverado

– Amazing TV Commercial

– ’Felicity Ace’ Cargo ship fire

Enjoy! Glenn Ridge

In this month’s Famous Last Words Podcast, I talk with a mate of mine, Ben Sale, who is producing some great television programs on the Targa Australia series of events. Ben’s a petrol head and has been fascinated with Targa…

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The much-anticipated series 4 of ‘Drive to Survive’ which is based around the 2021 Formula 1 season is now available on Netflix and there are millions of fans who have already binged on the ten episodes. Some sceptics suggested that…

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Last month I competed in the 2022 Tour De Course Rally which was run out of Shepparton in Northern Victoria. There were speed events at Winton and Wilby Raceways, skid pan motorkhana’s at DECA driver training facility and the mandatory…

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Recently I was in a discussion based around our most memorable car company television commercials that really stood out. Several people said their favourite was the ‘Football, meat pies, kangaroo’s and Holden cars’ from the 1970’s, another went for the…

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I reckon the most asked question by motoring enthusiast around the world last month was ‘Did you hear about the cargo ship full of luxury cars that caught fire?’ If you didn’t hear about it, this NBC news story gives…

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