Famous Last Words


This month in Famous Last Words:

– Podcast – John Schaap, respected businessman and car nut

– World’s Fastest Electric Hypercar

– Will eVTOL’s replace helicopters?

– 1952 Australian Grand Prix at Mount Panorama

Enjoy! Glenn Ridge

This month’s Famous Last Words Podcast is with a very good friend of mine, John Schaap. I first met John at the 1991 Australian Grand Prix in Adelaide when we were both a part of the Celebrity Race, which was…

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Recently an American auto website, Autoweek, ran this headline for one of its articles, ‘The Fastest, Most Dynamic Electric Hypercar You’ve Never Heard Of’, and it did exactly what it was meant to do, ……. it caught my attention. The…

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Not sure how you go with acronyms, but I’m not too good, and the fact that there are so many in use nowadays gets me incredibly frustrated. I was recently in a conversation with a person who was talking about…

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Every March for three days, Victoria’s Phillip Island racetrack hosts what I think is one of the best motoring events in the country, ‘The Phillip Island Classic Festival’.  More than 500 entries, many from overseas meet on the island to…

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