Podcast – John Schaap, Respected Businessman and Car Nut

This month’s Famous Last Words Podcast is with a very good friend of mine, John Schaap.

I first met John at the 1991 Australian Grand Prix in Adelaide when we were both a part of the Celebrity Race, which was one of the support races and although it wasn’t one of my finest performances, from what I can recall it was a fabulous weekend.

1991 Australian Grand Prix Celebrity Race

Following that race we kept in touch and John very kindly asked me to join him as his navigator in the second ever Targa Tasmania, which was when the Tarmac Rally bug bit me and a long friendship was developed.

John’s not only a huge car enthusiast, he’s also a very successful businessman, having held positions as CEO/Managing Director at companies like Australian Airlines, American Express (Aus), Thakral Holding Group (Aus) and Burswood Casino. I hope you enjoy this Famous Last Words Podcast, as John and I discuss cars, racing and business.

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