Famous Last Words


This month in Famous Last Words:

– Podcast – Sebastian Lip, CEO Pilatus Aircrafts Australia

– Nissans New Patrol Warrior

– Toyota’s game changing Hydrogen Combustion Engine

– Tesla’s Nürburgring Lap Record

– The Last Valiant – as in the Australian made car!

Enjoy! Glenn Ridge

I always find it fascinating how a connection through a love of cars can lead to so many good friendships with such a broad spectrum of people, and I guess this months Famous Last Words Podcast is with a guy…

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Throughout the 1990’s I saw much of outback Australia through the windscreens of Nissan Patrols whilst either filming a documentary series for the Nine Network or desert racing in Australian Safari Races. On all those occasions the Patrols took a…

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While most of the world is abuzz with taking up electric vehicles and Governments are making what some would suggest are unrealistic goals, I find it fascinating that the one company, Toyota, that is fully embracing the hydrogen cell as…

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One of my ‘bucket list’ ambitions is to race around the long track at the famous Nürburgring Race Circuit in Nürburg, Germany. It’s not just the track that appeals to me, it’s the whole history of the circuit that goes…

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The first new car I owned was an orange 1976 770 Valiant Charger, 3 speed manual on the floor with a hemi 245 engine and mags. I absolutely loved that car and so have a real soft spot for Valliant’s…

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