Podcast – Sebastian Lip, CEO Pilatus Aircrafts Australia

I always find it fascinating how a connection through a love of cars can lead to so many good friendships with such a broad spectrum of people, and I guess this months Famous Last Words Podcast is with a guy who fits into this category for me.

I first met Seb Lip when I had a brief association with the Porsche Carrera Cup series in 2008. As the CEO of Pilatus Aircrafts Australia, he’d committed to continue the Pilatus sponsorship of the series into the next year, and although unfortunately the series didn’t go ahead in 2009, a friendship had been made.

Since then, we’ve competed in Targa Tasmania’s together and regularly catch up where we very quickly start talking about cars. Seb has a love for cars and particularly enjoys modifying them to primarily go faster, one case in particular was when he bought a brand-new Nissan GTR and proceeded to strip it and modify it to produce an insane amount of horsepower.

In this podcast I’ll talk with Seb about his love of cars, his special cars, his involvement with the Radical racing series and his job as CEO of Pilatus Aircraft Australia.

I hope you enjoy this month’s Famous Last Words Podcast with Sebastian Lip.

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