Famous Last Words


This month in Famous Last Words:

– Podcast – Mark McVeigh, Founder and CEO MotoDNA Riders Academy.

– Nico Rosberg picks up his Rimac Nevera electric hypercar.

– Does the US love EVs like the rest of the world?

– Motorbike riding in Tasmania.

– RAM 1500 TRX and ‘RAMS’ the movie.

Enjoy! Glenn Ridge

Mark McVeigh grew up in Ireland at a time when there was a lot of political unrest and motorcycle racing was very much an amateur sport with road racing (as mad as that is) being more popular than circuit racing….

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In the August 2021 Famous Last Words, I mentioned the merger of Porsche, Bugatti and Croatian electric vehicle manufacturing company Rimac, which was founded by 33 year-old Mate Rimac. In the article, I talked about how they were about to…

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It’s been ten years since what you could argue was the first real mass-produced all-electric vehicle. The Tesla Model S was released to the world, and boy has a lot happened over that time. Getting accurate numbers can be tricky,…

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In Famous Last Words articles, I regularly mention the tarmac road rally “Targa Tasmania”, which I’ve competed in annually on twenty-nine occasions. Overall that time, my love of the Tasmanian roads has never waned and, although we race over them…

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I’ve been a fan of the RAM range of vehicles for many years and hearing that the new RAM 1500 TRX was about to arrive in Australia, I went online to find out more about it. I knew it had…

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