Podcast – Mark McVeigh, Founder and CEO MotoDNA Riders Academy

Mark McVeigh grew up in Ireland at a time when there was a lot of political unrest and motorcycle racing was very much an amateur sport with road racing (as mad as that is) being more popular than circuit racing.

Unfortunately, Mark’s father passed away when he was young and, loving motorbikes, Mark’s first motorcycle was one he saved up to buy himself. Mark’s passion for moto racing saw him compete in local events and represent Ireland in the International 250GP series.

Following several bike injuries, he decided to give racing away to concentrate on being a Race Engineer, initially in MotoGP and then with Supercar teams here in Australia. Over recent years he’s devoted his time to rider training, which led him to conceive and become CEO of MotoDNA Riders Academy, a digital motorbike safety platform.

Mark has had an amazing life and will never die wondering, so I hope you enjoy this month’s Famous Last Words Podcast with Mark McVeigh.

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