Famous Last Words


This month in Famous Last Words:

– Podcast – Anthony Moss Ultimate Driving Tours

– Electric Porsche Macan – just around the corner

– Bertha Benz and the journey that changed everything

– Framing John DeLorean – Netflix

– Weird Vehicles

Enjoy! Glenn Ridge

Ultimate Driving Tours is an Australian company that specialises in luxury motoring holidays, including supercar driving tours, F1 hospitality packages, and exclusive track events throughout Europe, America and Australia. It’s founder, Anthony Moss has participated in, created, directed, and owned…

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It would appear that the latest motoring trend is the introduction of all-electric SUV’s, as this Car and Driver article highlights, by listing what electric cars are currently available in the US, and you will see that SUV’s make up…

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For many years and for no real reason, the automotive industry seemed to be very much a male domain, but thankfully this has well and truly changed. However, it’s worth noting that in the mid 1880’s, automobile inventor Karl Benz’s…

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Most avid car people would know the name John DeLorean and his car the DMC (standing for DeLorean Motor Company), while many avid film buffs would know the name due to the DeLorean Time Machine, which alongside Michael J Fox,…

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I admire creative people and particularly those who don’t just talk about an idea but actually see it come to fruition. Consequently, from a car point of view, I love these photos that were sent to me recently. It never…

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