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Famous Insurance
We're fine tuning our insurance to make it more powerful.
Classic cars need special attention, and that includes the right insurance cover that is customised to give you the best performance.
Famous Insurance
It takes time to build a classic.
Famous Insurance knows it takes time to build a classic, just like our Insurance.
Famous Insurance
We're building your future insurance.
At Famous Insurance, we're developing products that will stand the test of time and will serve your every need.
Famous Insurance
We're building a better insurance cover for your needs.
At Famous, we're always focussed on the particular needs of Motoring Enthusiasts, so watch this space for some exciting announcements soon.

Famous Insurance response to COVID19

As of Monday March 23rd 2020 as a part of our business continuity response to the coronavirus pandemic Famous Insurance is temporarily changing its work practices so that all consultants will be working remotely rather than from our offices. Famous Insurance has not had an incident of coronavirus infection, but like all businesses we are committed to protecting the health and wellbeing of our staff as well as using social distancing to lessen the potential spread of coronavirus. We will review the ongoing need to maintain these arrangements on a weekly basis.

Changes to our work practices

Other important points to note about this change:

  • There will be a gradual transition to working remotely
  • Our IT infrastructure is designed to enable all staff to work remotely and there will be no change in the high level of security with which client data is stored
  • Each consultant will continue to be contactable by email
  • All meetings (client or internal) will be conducted by phone supplemented by web-based tools as appropriate
  • All staff have been asked to refrain from air travel for any purpose.

The Famous Difference

If you’re like us, you don’t consider your vehicle ordinary. So don’t settle for ordinary insurance. Famous Insurance was created by motoring enthusiasts to offer the peace of mind and care that your special vehicle deserves. We provide insurance solutions for classic and collectable cars, high performance, exotic, sports and vintage vehicles, as well as motorbikes, scooters and dirt bikes.

Famous For Choice

Cover that suits your needs

Choice of your repairer for your vehicle

It’s your vehicle; we think you should have the choice of who repairs it. Of course, we’re happy to recommend an expert repairer if you’d like

Choose an Agreed Value

You know what the vehicle is worth to you, so let’s discuss it and agree on a specific dollar amount for your insurance

Choice of annual or monthly premiums

Pay your premium once a year or, if it helps your cashflow, set up a monthly payment

Famous for Features

Benefits you’ll really appreciate

Cover for accessories and modifications

As long as we know what they are, and we’ve agreed to cover them, they’ll be part of your policy.

Cover for emergency accomodation and towing

If an accident leaves you stranded, we’ll look after you. Terms and limits apply, so check the Policy Documents for details.

Cover for car hire in case of theft

Car stolen? We’ll organise a replacement. You can also choose to be covered for a hire car in case of an accident. Check the Policy Documents for details.

Windscreen or broken window glass cover

We’ll cover one incident per insurance period without applying an excess. You can check the Policy Documents for details.

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