Famous Last Words


This month in Famous Last Words:

– Podcast – Motorsport Commentator, Richard Craill

– Nissan GTR, more than 50 years old

– Hydrogen Supercar, the Matador MH2

– Hydrogen Powered Flying Boat!!

– Owning and driving the same car for 77 years

Enjoy! Glenn Ridge

In this month’s Famous Last Words Podcast I catch up with a guy whose voice most motor racing fans around Australia would know very well. Richard Craill has been commentating at major motor racing events around the country since 2004. …

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I think one of the most iconic and ground-breaking mass-produced cars is the Nissan GT-R, although I’m sure many European brand followers would disagree!! Originally released between 1969 and 1972 as the Skyline GT-R under the model code KPGC10, it…

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I find it amazing how technology in the automotive industry has been racing ahead in recent years. Only ten years ago there was only one choice of power plant you could have in your car, but now there are three…

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I recently came across an article in the Daily Mail UK, about the world’s first hydrogen-powered flying boat. Not so long ago I would have said they were dreaming …. But now it’s just a case of how long until…

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Can you imagine not just owning, but regularly driving the same cars for 77 years, which when you think about it, is really quite amazing. The late M. Allen Swift of West Hartford, Connecticut, was born in 1903 and growing…

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