Podcast with Anthony Moss

Ultimate Driving Tours is an Australian company that specialises in luxury motoring holidays, including supercar driving tours, F1 hospitality packages, and exclusive track events throughout Europe, America and Australia.

It’s founder, Anthony Moss has participated in, created, directed, and owned motoring events, starting with the well-known Dutton Rallies in the early 2000’s. After growing that Rally into a popular Australia-wide motoring event, he then focused on the international arena, taking a group to the motorsport mecca – Nürburgring.

From this, Ultimate Driving Tours was born and has grown into one of the world’s leading companies for extraordinary driving, motorsport and track experiences with events in Europe, the Americas and Australia.

Anthony joins me for this month’s Famous Last Words podcast and talks about Ultimate Driving Tours, how it was created, what they have to offer and how challenging the last twelve months have been.

I hope you enjoy.

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