Nico Rosberg takes delivery of the first Rimac Nevera

In the August 2021 Famous Last Words, I mentioned the merger of Porsche, Bugatti and Croatian electric vehicle manufacturing company Rimac, which was founded by 33 year-old Mate Rimac.

In the article, I talked about how they were about to release what many believe was the world’s most advanced electric hypercar to date, called the Nevera. This was first seen as a concept car at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. Rimac will build 150 cars that accelerate from 0-100mph in 4.3 seconds, 0-186mph in 9.3 seconds, and top out around 258mph or 415kph.

Now 4 years down the track from that Geneva Motor Show appearance, and with a price of over 2 million Euro, the first Rimac Nevera has been delivered to a very happy customer, former 2016 F1 Champion Nico Rosberg.

In the past, Rosberg had driven a prototype of the car in its very raw form and loved it enough to put down an order. He’s neither a paid spokesman or ambassador for Rimac and so parted with the cash to buy it. Also, unfortunately for Nico, he was given the opportunity to invest in the company prior to the Porsche / Bugatti association but he declined, and the share price has since risen dramatically.

On the finances of Rimac and belief in the company, a recent round of investment from Goldman Sachs, Softbank and Porsche contributed another $500 million which is on top of the already $2 billion that has previously been invested from various sources

The following video link to Rosberg’s YouTube Channel follows Nico as he takes delivery of the first Rimac Nevera from Mate Rimac himself at the company plant in Sveta Nedelia Croatia. You will also note from the video that Rosberg is still kicking himself for not investing in Rimac when he had the chance.

Delivery of the first Rimac Nevera to Nico Rosberg

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