Old Toyota HiLux TVC’s

It may just be me and it may also be an age thing, but I’m told all too frequently nowadays that I can’t say that, or the PC (Politically Correct) Police will get me!

I say it’s an age thing as there is no doubt that rightly or wrongly things could be said in past years that can’t be said now and it’s no more apparent than when you look at some of the old television commercial.

For example, Toyota used to market the HiLux as tough blokey work horses and for whatever reason their television commercials on occasions raised the ire of some people who found them offensive. Although the TVC’s weren’t actually banned, they did only have relatively short on-air campaigns. 

For a little light relief, here are a few of the classic HiLux TVC’s

Hilarious Banned Toyota Hilux Adverts

Whilst looking at this video I noticed in the comments that one person’s favourite HiLux video is from Top Gear many years ago, when Jeremy Clarkson tried to kill a Toyota HiLux with very little success.

Thought you may also like to see this:

Killing a Toyota, Part Two – Top Gear

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