House for sale with its own racetrack.

You often hear of airfield housing estates where people can fly their planes from a shared airfield to their front door, John Travolta for example has such a house near Orlando in Florida, where he parks amongst other planes his personal Qantas Boeing 707

John Travolta’s Florida Airport Home

You also hear of housing estates near car race circuits where residents have access to a full-on racetrack when they like, but I haven’t heard of a kinda normal home on 400 acres that the driveway forms part of a full-blown 1.2-mile race track with banked corners, and the good news is that it could be yours.

This amazing property in Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA is currently on the market for US $6.7 million, which converted to Australian dollars is roughly $9 million.

For Sale – a $6.7 million racetrack mansion – Motortrend

Sounds like a good buy to me, I just need to figure out how to get $9 million!!

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