‘Race for Glory – Audi vs Lancia’ movie

In last month’s Famous Last Words I wrote about a television series hosted by Keanu Reeves on the Disney Network titled ‘Brawn – The impossible Formula 1 story’, It’s a four-part series that looks at 2009, the year that saw a new team join the F1 family. Brawn GP was created by a management buyout led by former motorsport engineer and technical director Ross Brawn, of the Honda Racing F1 Team, after Honda announced its withdrawal from the sport due to the global financial crisis the year earlier.

Another racing movie worth watching has also just been released, ‘Race for Glory – Audi vs Lancia’, which is based around a battle between the two car manufacturers for the 1983 World Rally Championship. If you’re a dirt rally fan and a lover of the sport from the last century, I’m sure you would be aware of the 1983 World Rally Championship that will be forever remembered for the battle between Audi and Lancia.

German Walter Rohl (world champion in 1982 driving for Opel), along with Finn, Markku Alen were driving the Lancia 037 car, while another Finn, Hannu Mikkola and Frenchwoman Michele Mouton were driving the Audi Quattro A1, with Audi being the reigning Manufacturers Champion.

In 1982 Lancia debuted their 037 car which was developed as a collaboration between Pininfarina, Abarth and Dallara and prior to its participation in the 1982 World Rally Championship season, 200 road-going versions had to be built to comply with Group B Regulations. Unfortunately, in that first year, the car was plagued with problems and was forced to retire on numerous occasions.

Meanwhile Audi was riding the crest of the wave with their 4-wheel drive Quattro system going from strength to strength, so what made the 1983 Championship so special? Here’s the official trailer for the new movie:

RACE FOR GLORY – Audi vs Lancia Official Trailer

It’s a great movie and highlights what an amazing driver and individual that Walter Rohl is.

Not wanting to be a spoiler for the movie, but if your fascinated by the devious workings and lengths that vehicle manufacturers may go to, to win titles, you might also like to have a look at why Jeremy Clarkson, classes the 1983 World Rally Championship as his favourite racing battle of all time.

Clarkson’s Favourite Rally battle: 1983 Audi Quattro VS Lancia 037 – Amazon Prime Video

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