‘Brawn – The Impossible Formula One Story’ television series

2009 was an interesting year for Formula One, it was the year that FOTA – Formula One Teams Association, which was formed to give the F1 Teams a united voice when negotiating with the FIA (the sport’s Governing Body) and the Formula One Group (Bernie Ecclestone), announced they were forming a breakaway series called the ‘Grand Prix World Championship’ for 2010. Although the threatened series didn’t come to fruition, associated discussions did ensure that the teams had a greater say into the F1 series future and they received a greater share in the commercial returns at the expense of the FIA and Bernie Ecclestone.

2009 was also the year that a new team joined the F1 family, Brawn GP was formed by a management buyout led by former motorsport engineer and technical director Ross Brawn, of the Honda Racing F1 Team, after Honda announced its withdrawal from the sport due to the global financial crisis.

For the 2009 series Honda, provided a $100 million budget, Mercedes the engines while Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello were the drivers. To the amazement of all, Brawn GP came to Australia for the first race of the year, and saw the team take the pole position and second place in qualifying and went onto finish first and second in the race, which was a first in the history of F1 for a first-year team.

Jenson Button then went on to win six out of the first seven races ….. and that’s all I’m telling you.

‘Brawn – The Impossible Formula One Story’ is the story of the Brawn GP team which is the subject of a new four-part documentary series, hosted and produced by Keanu Reeves that can be seen on the Disney Network. It’s the story of how in 2009 Ross Brawn, competing in the most expensive and technologically advanced racing series, made the impossible happen; his understaffed, underfinanced, and independent team won the World Championship.

I really enjoyed the documentary series and for a racing fan it’s a very easy binge viewing session – here’s the series trailer:

‘Brawn – The Impossible Formula One Story’

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