VW ‘Eye on the Road’ cinema campaign

For many years now Traffic Authorities around the world have tried to develop advertising campaigns that get people’s attention and ultimately help to reduce the road toll.

I think you’ll agree that here in Australia, there have been some campaigns that have hit the mark and were thought-provoking enough to initiate recall and so change some of our driving habits.  However, there have been some which have been questionable.

Recently, in a discussion on this subject, I was told of a cinema campaign that VW launched in Hong Kong nearly ten years ago, which was developed to stop drivers using their mobile phone whilst behind the wheel.

It was an interactive shock campaign which was shown as a trailer to a feature film and started off with a point-of-view perspective of a person getting into a car driving off on a very peaceful drive in the countryside.  That was until a text message from a location-based broadcaster is sent to everyone in the cinema with mobile phones.

Check out the response

Volkswagen Eyes on the Road Campaign

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