Top 15 Craziest Concept Cars

Top 15 Craziest Concept Cars

In last month’s Famous Last Words blog, I touched on the Retro-futurism phase that the American motor manufacturers went through in the early 2000’s with concept cars like the Ford Forty-Nine, the Chrysler PT Cruiser and the Plymouth Prowler. That was twenty years ago when the idea of electric cars was way into the future and autonomous vehicles never even entered our minds.

Well, it got me thinking as to what do the concept cars of today look like and more importantly what technology can we expect in the next ten to twenty years. What will the car of the future really look like and what will be powering it?

Hyundai Genesis Essentia and Audi A1 Trail

This link above looks at what may be some of the Craziest Concept Cars from 2020 and I’ll give a couple of honourable mentions to number 7 – the Audi Ai Trail which is really wild and number 3 – the Hyundai luxury arm and their Genesis Essentia concept which is simply stunning.

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