Red Bull F1 in the Australian Outback

I realise there’s a very good chance that many people would have seen the following video, but for me it’s one those that you never get sick of.

Released in the week preceding the recent 2023 Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne and marking Daniel Ricciardo’s return to Oracle Red Bull Racing, the video depicts him dusting off the RB7 (the car Sebastian Vettel used to win the 2011 World Championship) and tearing from Perth through the outback across some of Australia’s most challenging terrain. Ricciardo once said one of his dreams was to drive an F1 car around Australia.

Along the way he’s joined by fellow Australians off-road bike racer Daniel Sanders, off road bike and car racer Toby Price, Supercar Champion Shane Van Gisbergen along with a cameo from Jamie Whincup, and aerobatics pilot Matt Hall.

It really is a great production showcasing some of our country’s iconic places like the Silverton Hotel just out of Broken Hill, Mount Panorama at Bathurst and the Sea Cliff Bridge south of Wollongong.

You have to take your hat off to the Red Bull Marketing Team who over the years have come up with some great Road Trip concepts and this one in particular is also a great ad for Australia.

F1 Car vs Outback

The Road Trip videos from Red Bull Motorsport isn’t a new concept though, here’s a couple from 2021, firstly Max Verstappen drives from Palermo to Mondello Beach for the Italian Grand Prix

Ciao Palermo, Monza is calling!

And David Coulthard discovers Czechia and Slovakia and has a drag race with Air Race World Champion, Martin Sonka

From Castle to Castle – Red Bull

But the one I love best is this one

5 Crazy Things Red Bull Racing has done with an F! car

If you’re an F1 or a MotoGP fan who’s wanting to while away a couple of hours in front of the computer screen and be suitably entertained, check out the Red Bull Motorsport Videos link below, as there are heaps of other great videos.

Red Bull Motorsport Videos

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