Podcast – Edward Rowe, Car Industry PR and Media man

This photo is of Neville Crichton – Founder and Executive Chairman of Ateco Group and myself on the television set of ‘Sale of the Century’ for an Alfa Romeo function many years ago. We gave Audi’s and Alfa Romeo’s to winning contestants for more than five years and over that period I was lucky to develop ongoing friendships with many at the Ateco Group, including the man who took this photo, the head of PR and Media, Edward Rowe. 

Funnily enough I have many photos from that period, but unfortunately none of Edward, mainly because he was the one always behind the camera.

An avid photographer, Edward has been a part of the motoring industry in Australia and the UK and involved in all facets of Public Relations and Media initiatives for a wide range of vehicles. During his time at Ateco Group, he was also involved in raising sponsorship and publicity for Neville Crichton’s ‘Alfa Romeo 1, 2 and 3’ campaigns in the world maxi-yacht series.

I hope you enjoy this month’s ‘Famous Last Words’ podcast with Edward Rowe as he shares his insights into the motoring industry, both now and then, as well as some of his memories.

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