Podcast: Ben Taylor – 19-year-old Porsche Sprint Challenge Driver

This month’s famous Last Words Podcast is with an inspirational young man who is about to live his dream of racing cars and hopefully becoming a profession driver, Ben Taylor.

In 2024 Ben with the help of his family and some very generous sponsors, will compete for the first time in the Porsche Sprint Challenge driving a 2018 991-2 Porsche Cupcar. Ben started his racing journey at the age of 14 and over the last 5 years he’s successfully competed in a variety of go-kart and open wheel series.

But two years ago, he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and started to understand why things were happening to him, so with enormous support from those close to him, he’s been able to live with ASD and become even more determined to achieve his racing goals.

Ben’s an ASD Ambassador and along with his sponsor Auticon, an autism majority company who gives meaningful employment to ASD people, is working very hard at raising awareness of Autism in the community and showing what can be achieved with acceptance and hard work.

I hope you enjoy this months Podcast with Ben Taylor, and this video shows Ben in action and talking about his 2024 campaign: Ben Taylor Racing Launch Video

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