Podcast – Andy Stott

This month’s Famous Last Words Podcast is with a man who gave me my first taste of desert racing and I’m so glad he did as I’ve loved it ever since.

Andy Stott and his mates had been competing in the Wynn’s Safari since it’s inception in 1985, and in 1992 they teamed up with Nissan to put a three-car team in what had then become the Australian Safari. At the time we were giving Nissans away on ‘Sale of the Century’, so Nissan asked if I’d like to be in one of the cars sharing the driving and navigating roles with former Australian Off-Road Champion Craig Martin. It is without a doubt one of the highlights of my life.

This video is just a sample of what the original Wynn’s Safari was like in 1985:

1985 Wynn’s Safari – Part 1 of 3   

Amongst other things, Andy talks about the early days of the Safari’s, some of its characters, how he conceived the National 4X4 motor shows here in Australia and also the current ARB Off Road Championship.

I hope you enjoy this month’s Famous Last Words Podcast with Andy Stott.

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