New Utes coming to Australia in next 2 years

Are our roads getting smaller or are the cars getting bigger?

I often ask myself this question as I see the number of big dual cab 4×4 Utes that are gracing our roads increasing markedly. There are far more Rams and Silverado’s taking up space on our roads than I can ever remember.

Interestingly, the top two cars sold in Australia in January 2023 was the Ford Ranger at number one and second place the Toyota HiLux. Currently more than one in five new vehicles sold in Australia are utes, making Australia one of the three biggest Ute markets in the world.

Unfortunately for those who are not fans of the Ute, will not be happy to hear that this trend isn’t going to stop soon and proof of this in a recent article by Callum Hunter.

Every new Ute coming to Australia by 2025 –

What I find interesting about this article is that there is no mention of electric Utes, the emergence of Kia and Hyundai into the Ute market, and what is obviously going to be the continued growth of the Chinese company GWM.

So obviously we will need to start building wider roads!

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