Gateway Bronco Luxe GT

In this month’s Famous last Words Podcast I talk with Bernie Quinn, Engineering Director of Melbourne based company Premcar. We discuss a whole range of automotive things including a project they worked on for an American company manufacturing what is known as the Gateway Bronco Lux GT that was recently launched in the US at the Monterey Car Week.

The Gateway Bronco Lux GT at Monterey Car Week

I’ve been lucky enough to go for a ride in the design mule car that was used for testing here in Australia and it really was amazing, doing everything that Bernie said it would. This article by Jordan Mulach looks at the Gateway Bronco Lux and Premcar’s involvement in its creation.

The Gateway Bronco Lux –

According to Seth Burgett, CEO and Founder of Gateway Bronco, “The LUXE-GT is our halo product, the pinnacle of four years of effort, creating a Bronco that we believe will be the best vintage Bronco ever remastered.”

“The Gateway Bronco build process is we restore Ford Broncos through a frame-off restoration process. We build each truck on Henry Ford’s creation, a modern assembly line. We add new Ford 302 Coyote V8 engines to every vintage Bronco build, with 6-10 speed automatic transmissions and custom options for you to pick and choose throughout the truck to make it uniquely yours. Customization options range from paint colour and finish to the leather for your interior. You also get choose the engine, drivetrain, and all other modern technology and features found in a modern SUV”.

The price starting from $US465,000 ($AU725,000) and going above $US650,000, restricts the Gateway Bronco Lux GT to very few in the world, however it does give people like myself something to dream about.

To find out more on Gateway Bronco from Seth Burgett, click this link:

5.0 Coyote Bronco from Gateway Bronco – REVan Evan

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