‘Does the walker choose the path, or the path the walker”

Who says a catch phrase can’t arouse some form of inquisitive attention, well the one above from Garth Nix, Sabriel certainly got mine … and I think I know what it’s trying to get at, but I’m not sure!!!!

This is the line that Polish company, Lamar Truck Body who produce truck bodies and sleeping cabin for heavy duty vehicles, are using to promote their first dedicated off-road campervan, the XPro One 4×4, and with Australia’s recent Covid inspired increase in interest in caravans and campervan, one could safely assume that this type of vehicle could well have a market here.

If you’re into serious off-road travelling and want to do it in style, this three-person off-road RV is well worth while considering. Based on the 3.0 litre Diesel IVECO Daily 4×4 Cab Chassis, it purportedly enables its inhabitants to have enough supplies for 10 days without any external resources. Onboard there’s 200 litres fresh and 200 litre grey water tanks, a pair of 160 Aha lithium batteries with solar panels, 130 litre fridge, two burner stove, separate shower and cassette toilet, diesel heating and a strong 54mm-thick reinforced laminate exterior.  

Combined with its 27-degree departure and 37-degree approach angle, one could safely assume that the XPro One 4×4, could easily go anywhere that most other off-road RV’s can.

I realise that there’s a little political tension in some parts of Europe at the moment, however I do query the company’s fascination with the military. They say the XPro One 4×4 was inspired by the F-117 Nighthawk stealth attack aircraft, with a camouflage paint scheme and ‘ejection seat’ and ‘stealth’ decals, but to me the ultimate is that their next bigger touring motorhome is called the “USS Enterprise”!

If you’re not aware the, the USS Enterprise was the name of eight US Navy vessels, with one being an aircraft carrier commissioned in 1961 that was the first Nuclear powered military vessel and the longest ever naval vessel built at 342 metres in length. It saw crisis operations in Cuba and Vietnam and was decommissioned in February 2017.  

But it’s most famously remembered for a deck fire in January 1969 which resulted in 217 sailors being killed, an additional 314 injured and 15 aircraft destroyed, with the ship being deployed to Pearl Harbour for repairs.

Anyhow, all that aside, there are no plans to bring the XPro One 4×4 to Australia soon, but if you’d like to import one, there’s more information at https://xpedition.pro/xpro-one-en/

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