Alan Heaphy – bush mechanic to International motorsport manager

Alan Heaphy grew up in Benalla, just down the road from Winton Raceway in country Victoria, and his interest in motorsport started from a very young age, in fact he bought his first car at the age of nine.

Since then he’s not only continued to tinker with them, but has built an international reputation as an engineer and team manager. His cars have won 3 Bathurst titles in V8’s and Group A, 2 Bathurst 12 hour titles in Production Cars, and countless podiums in The British Touring Car Championships and Sports Car World Championships.

He’s prepared cars for Circuit Racing, Dirt and Tarmac Rallying and Desert Racing as well as special runs for vehicle manufacturer, he’s a good bloke and he has some great stories to tell.

I hope you enjoy this month’s Famous Last Words blog with Alan Heaphy.

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