Podcast – David Dowsey, Author

Photo by News Corp Australia

Although David Dowsey started his working life as a music teacher, his passion for cars and writing eventually lead him to journalism, and a job at ACP’s ‘Unique Cars’ magazine, which then saw him become Head of Marketing, Media, Communications and Publications at the Victorian Automotive Chamber of Commerce.

David has never lost the love of writing and has written books on luxury subjects including ‘Aston Martin: Power, Beauty and Soul’, ‘Elfin; The Spirit of Speed’ and ‘Making the Cut: The Power and Passion behind a Tailoring Dynasty’ to name a few and in the process has met some amazing people. He’s also written two crime novels, a stage play, and has a movie screen play in the works.

David is one of those unique people whose passion for a subject is blatantly obvious when you talk with him, and it can be very infections. I hope you enjoy this month’s Famous Last Words Podcast with David Dowsey.