A $285,000 MGB LE60!

Many Porsche fans would be aware of a Los Angeles auto company called Singer Vehicle Design, which specializes in restoring and modifying Porsche 911’s based on the 964 chassis. Founded by Rob Dickinson, the former front man of English rock band ‘Catherine Wheel’, the company’s main product is a re-imagined Porsche 911 which are now being sold around the world for huge dollars.

So, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised when I read that a UK company Frontline Cars who specialise in building complete ‘restomod’ MGB’s (like what Singer do with the 911’s), will soon be selling their 2024 model in Australia for at least $285,000 plus on road costs. When I first saw this price, my jaw hit the ground as it wasn’t that long ago you could nearly have bought the whole MG company for that much, however when you look deeper into the company and what ‘Singer’ are doing and charging for their cars, maybe it’s relative.

This carsales.com.au story by John Mahoney looks at what makes the new Frontline MGB LE60 so special and why they are gaining enormous popularity around the world, and quite possibly here in Australia.

2024 Frontline MGB LE60 – carsales.com.au

The MGB LE60 certainly sounds like an amazing car and reports have it that those who drive one, raves about them. For example, here is a video review from Matt Bird on the British website ‘Pistonheads’:

Frontline MG B LE60: V8 Restomod – Pistonheads

So, is the MGB LE60 the best an MGB can ever get, and will we see many on Australian roads? I guess time will tell, but I reckon they look pretty cool!!!!