Twenty Concept Cars from the 50’s that never made it to the road

Concept cars have always been an integral part of the car manufacturing industry and have enabled designers and engineers to push the boundaries, and take the motor vehicle as we know it into the future.

Over recent years the desire to optimize technology in the form of autonomous cars and the need to replace petrol with electricity or hydrogen fuel cells has certainly dominated the concept car scene.

So I found it refreshing to recently stumble over this link to ‘Cars from the 50’s that were never seen on our roads’, an era when looks were everything and the animated series ‘The Jetsons’ was obviously mandatory viewing for prospective car designers.

Names like Ford La Tosca (1954), Cadillac Cyclone (1959), Chrysler D’Elegance (1952), Pontiac Club De Mer (1956) and Buick Lesabre (1951) can only conjure up a portion of the intrigue that these cars must have instilled into the general public at a time when motor vehicles of any form were a luxury and not a necessity.

I do love the 1954 Oldsmobile Rocket F88 in my garage.

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