Trevor Long – Tech head and passionate car lover

When I was on morning radio and needed to speak with someone to get straight talking tech information, in a way that all of us could understand (especially tech deficient people like myself) from a very down to earth, everyday type guy, I’d call Trevor Long.

Trev is a Technology Commentator, Dad to three kids, Speaker and as an added bonus – a Rev Head.

He produces and hosts two very popular podcasts ‘EFTM’ (Everything For The Man)
and ‘Two Blokes Talking Tech’, he appears on over 50 radio stations across Australia and is the Resident Tech Expert on Channel Nines Today Show and A Current Affair.

I also seek his advice before getting any form of technical equipment or have issues that need to be solved before I throw the offending piece of equipment out the window, or go to his website ( and he steers me in the right direction.

So I hope you enjoy this month’s Famous Last Words Podcast, as Trev talks about technology in cars, where it’s heading, electric cars, autonomous vehicles and more.

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