The Microlina – it is a car, just not as we know it!

The concept of micro-cars isn’t new, they’ve been around for ages, and many question if they are cars or motorbikes. Lately they’ve taken on a whole new lease of life with the inclusion of electric motors and micro cars like the Renault Twizzy and Citroen Ami (both priced around AU$9,400) are available in Europe.

A third legitimate contender in this category from Swiss manufacturer Micro Mobility Systems, the Microlino is set to go into production soon and with an expected price tag of around AU$18,500, it will be interesting to see if classic looks justifies the much higher price tag.

Built in Italy and taking design cues from the 1950’s Italian designed BMW Isetta, the two-seater Microlino is powered by an 11kW electric motor which reaches speeds up to 90km/h and weighs in at just 513 kgs. The battery can be charged in just four hours from a normal household socket and depending on what size battery you choose it will take you up to 200km, which is heaps for just city driving.

It really is a pretty cool little car for around town, but I’m not sure you would want to miss a turn and end up on a freeway alongside semis with tyres taller than it!

Zurich entrepreneur and Micro Mobility Systems founder, Wim Ouboter had a craving for his favourite sausage and needed a quick and easy way to get to his local cafe. It didn’t warrant getting his bicycle or car out, so he invented the first folding aluminium scooter; the perfect solution for travelling micro distances. Ever since, the Micro Scooters Swiss design team has been continually innovating new products and the Microlino is its most ambitious to date.

Kirsten Dirksen, an American television producer turned-online vlogger who co-founded, a news/blog/video site focused on simple living recorded this interview with Wim Ouboter in 2017.

Just for the sake of it, here’s one of the most recent promo videos of a Microlino taking on a Ferrari

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