The Lotus Evija – the all-British Electric Hypercar

Over the last few months much has been written about Porsches new electric car, the Taycan, which will be seen on our roads in the next couple of months.

Well, now the ‘electric’ talk is based around the soon to be released Lotus Evija, the first all electric mass-produced (well 130 of them) Hypercar. Apparently the name Evija can be traced back to the Biblical Hebrew meaning ‘the first in existence’, ‘alive’ or ‘the living one’, and was chosen as this is the first all-new car, first electric car and the first Hypercar to come out of Lotus under their new owners, the Chinese Geely Group which also owns Volvo.

A limited run of 130 Evija EV’s will be produced with an expected price tag of 1.7 million English pounds per car, which converts to approximately $3.3 million Australian and then add luxury car tax of around $1.1 million, the final figure of $4.4 million Australian is reached. Rumour has it that 3 locals have put down $440,000 deposits to secure a build slot.

It was initially planned for Evija to arrive in Australia later this year, but unfortunately the global COVID-19 situation has seen that date pushed back to mid 2021.

Some of the statistics claimed by Lotus for the Evija are really quite astounding. With a fully carbon-fibre tub and an electric motor and gearbox on each wheel, the Evija has a power output of 1470kW and 2000Nm which will take you from zero to 100kmh in less than 3 seconds, up to 200kmh in another 3 seconds and from zero to 300kmh in around 9 seconds until it max’s out a little over 340kmh.

In case your interested, the driving range between charges is approximately 400km.

Lotus are hoping that this flagship hypercar will put the British car maker back on the map and reestablish itself as a manufacturer of some of the worlds most exotic performance cars.

To have a closer look at the Lotus Evija, click on this link and see what Matt Watson from ‘carwow’ thinks of it.


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