The Falcon GTHO Phase 3 – truly a work of art.

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When I was growing up in the 60’s and 70’s, like so many Australian motoring racing fans, for one Sunday a year I’d plant myself in front of the television set and watch the Hardie-Ferodo 500 (as it was known then). I have some wonderful memories of a whole range of cars including Datsun 1600’s, Hillman GT’s, Mini’s and of course the Australian manufacturers of Holden, Ford and Chrysler all battling it out on the same track around Mt Panorama in Bathurst.

I was scarred for life with a love of those machines, so consequently in 1997 when Ford Australia celebrated 30 years since the first Ford GT was manufactured in 1967, I produced a television documentary for the Nine Network titled “30 Years of Falcon GT – The Legend”. This was probably one of my most enjoyable television projects as I was able to relive those October Sundays and the sight of the big four-door GHTO’s thundering around the track.

As is now well known, over the years the Falcon GTHO’s have become very expensive collector’s items with examples like the Phase 3 that was once owned by cricket great Jeff Thompsons and originally purchased in 1971 for a little over $5,000 selling for $1,030,000 at auction in 2018.

Then in February this year a meticulously restored 1971 Electric Blue Ford Falcon GTHO Phase 3 set a new record price of $1,150,000 when it was sold to a Sydney Philanthropist and Art Collector who just simply liked the look of the car.

It’s a wonderful  story and have this great video and story by Sam Charlwood who was lucky enough to see the car in its new home, and also meet some of its owners.

The $1.15m Ford Falcon GTHO Phase III – and its owners

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