The Aussie and The Indian – Grandmother Chris Keeble and her motorbike riding adventures

I first heard of Chris Keeble several months ago when I was talking motorbikes with a friend, and they explained how in May of this year, Chris is planning a world record attempt of Indian motorcycles in a parade at the New South Wales outback town of Silverton.

Now considering Indian motorcycles aren’t one of Australia’s leading motorcycle sellers (although they are increasing in popularity fairly quickly), I thought this was a fairly bold attempt. However having spoken with Chris and witnessed her passion and enthusiasm, I reckon if anyone can do it …. she can.

Chris is a lady who wears many hats, she’s a grandmother to two grand-daughters, a corporate executive, a creative director and has been a motorbike lover and rider for many years. In fact her beloved Vintage Indian Chief motorbike, Calamity Jane has inspired her to created a web page with an associated Youtube channel.

I hope you enjoy this months Famous Last Words Podcast with Chris Keeble.

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