Steam Locomotive and a tunnel

Ever since I can remember I’ve always loved steam engine locomotives. I don’t know why or where this infatuation came from, but I do know even to this day when I hear the sound of a distant steam engine, hear the air whistle as it gets closer and smell the huge plumes of smoke billowing out of its chimney as it passes by, I can’t help but smile and remember childhood days of clambering over an old dis-used steam engine in a park at the South Australian holiday town of Victor Harbour. I’m not sure if it’s there anymore as it’s probably now deemed as a dangerous play area ……!!!!!!

Maybe it takes me back to my childhood when a treat for the day was to be able to watch the black and white television series ‘Casey Jones’ and his adventures in his train The Cannonball Express when I got home from school, or the fact that we lived near a railway line so when a steam engine was heard in the distance, we’d run to the railway line to witness what I thought was a majestic sight pass us by.

So, I recently had a laugh to myself, as for all of my love of the Steam train and the countless hours I’ve looked at them, Id never thought what might occur after a steam train exits a tunnel …… until I saw this video!

Steam train exits a tunnel

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