Robert Logan learned to build cars in Ireland, but perfected them here in Australia

Robert Logan is a man with infectious enthusiasm when it comes to following his dreams and building cars, so combine that with an unwavering desire to achieve his goals and you end up with a replica of Dan Gurneys race winning 1967 Eagle Grand Prix car, which hopefully will be the first of many to grace race tracks in America

Growing up in Ireland, as a young man Robert dabbled in building race cars with his brother, became a Naval Engineer and after completing his service moved to Australia, where he converted American motorhomes to Australian specifications. From the late 1990’s, his company ‘Roaring Forties’ manufactured replica’s of the classic Ford GT40, which were so good, they won the ‘Worlds Best GT40 Replica’s’ in the USA, three years in a row.

Lately he’s put his mind to his next dream, building 1960’s Grand Prix replica cars like the Gurney Eagle, the Brabham and Ferrari for the US, and I reckon given Roberts tenacity, you’ll definitely see them on a grid somewhere in America soon.

I hope you enjoy this months Famous Last Words podcast with Robert Logan.

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