Rob Herrod and the Mustang R-Spec

The limited edition Mustang R-Spec has been a stand out success story for Ford Australia and Herrod Performance, selling all 500 Supercharged performance machines nearly as quickly as they were being built.

Constructed at what was until now, a dormant Broadmeadow’s plant, the R-Spec are one of the rare occasions that the blue oval have worked closely with an after market supplier to construct a limited run of vehicles where they also warrant the cars under their normal warranty plan.

Rob Herrod, the man behind Herrod Performance, says the Mustang R-Spec is the highlight of his career and in this months Famous Last Words Podcast, he talks about the planning that went into the car, his relationships with people like Dick Johnson and Howard Marsden, and what plans he has for the future.

I hope you enjoy an insight into Rob Herrod, and the Mustang R-Spec.

Rob also joined us on Garage 41 as our ‘Famous Face’ for Famous Insurance, so click on the link below to see Episode 11.

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