Podcast with Ron Moon – Success in business and on the racetrack.

Ron Moon is one of the most interesting guys I know. For nearly forty years he’s been traveling extensively around outback Australia and the world, writing stories about his adventures.

He was editor of 4×4 Australia Magazine for 15 years until 2002 and then became its Editor at Large; he and his wife Viv founded Action Outdoor Australia and Adventure Australia magazines and have produced thirteen travel guidebooks to the likes of Cape Yorke, The Kimberley, Flinders Ranges and Victorian High Country; they have driven throughout Africa, North, Central and South America, Russia and Mongolia, and on the ice roads of Canada and Alaska.

I first met Ron in the mid-1990s, when at the insistence of Nissan, he joined my first Nine Network outback documentary crew and thank goodness he did. On that occasion, we trekked throughout the Balgo Tanami Desert region of North-Western Australia looking for the mythical Chugga Kurri, a fabled oasis in the middle of the desert which was much talked about by the Aboriginals of the area. In 1933, early explorer Michael Terry was the first white man to come across it and write of what he called his greatest ever discovery.

Unfortunately for us, when we visited the area was in the midst of a drought and no oasis was to be found, however, we met some amazing people and had a great adventure looking for ‘Chugga Kurri – Australia’s Hidden Valley’.

As you can imagine Ron has many amazing stories to tell, so I hope you enjoy this month’s Famous Last Words Podcast with Ron Moon.

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