Recently I was lucky enough to be able to tick off one of my bucket list boxes, which for some reason seems to be getting longer as I grow older!

My son Olly and I went on a 2,000 mile chopper motorcycle trip through nine states of South Eastern USA. Over 10 days we left Woodlawn in Virginia and rode through Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and back to Woodlawn.

As part of a group called Planet Chopper, we visited great cities like New Orleans where a day on Bourbon Street turned into night and then day again!!!! We took in the beauty of Jacksonville, Florida’s most populous city; the historical city of Charleston in South Carolina which saw the first full battle of the American Civil war on April 12, 1861, when General Beauregard’s shore batteries opened fire on the US Army held Forte Sumter in Charleston harbour; and then finished off with 2 days at a ‘Smokeout’ Biker Rally in Rockingham North Carolina, where let’s just say – much fun was had by all.

Along the way we rode various custom chopper motorcycles and met some amazing people so if you’d like to find out more you can go to the Planet Chopper website.

As an example of the people you may ride with on a Planet Chopper ride, ‘Slider’ and to be honest I don’t know his real name, is a Kentucky local who joined us along the way. His Grandfather worked at the Ford Motor Company Truck division in Kentucky, as did his father and so does Slider. He is without doubt one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met who loves a chat and a good time, and I recently re-acquainted myself with him on the phone, I hope you enjoy our conversation:

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