On The Buses in Nepal

Over the last few years and prior to the pandemic closures etc, I was lucky to be a part of motorbike tours through the Himalayas. One was to India’s north-western section of Jammu Kashmir while the other through Nepal and Tibet to the Mount Everest North Base camp.

Both were amazing adventures and I have many fond memories of the scenery, the people and the rawness of the lives they lead.

So having ridden many mountain passes which were considered by locals as main roads but by westerners as glorified goat tracks at best, and squeezed past buses loaded with people banging and crashing their way along pot holed tracks, I was not surprised when I saw this video of a bus ride in Nepal.

As you’ll see, there are no easy detours in this part of the world.

What I love about that vision is the nonchalant demeaner of the driver and locals hanging off the back of the bus, while the tourists in the cabin are trying to remain calm but you have the distinct feeling they really aren’t!!

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