Mike Sinclair – Carsales Director of Content and Editor in Chief

Mike Sinclair has been writing about things with motors for more than 30 years, from cars to boats and most things in between. He’s a presenter on 7mates ‘Garage 41’ with Dave Morley and myself, but his real job is as Director of Content and Editor in Chief at carsales.com.au.

In on the ground floor of the online editorial explosion, Mike helped launch CarPoint.com.au as well as the country’s leading mainstream motorcycle and marine editorial websites more than a decade ago. He worked as a key member of the executive team when ACP Media and carsales formed Australia’s leading automotive, industrial, marine and motorcycle online network in the mid-nineties.

Mike joins me as this month’s Famous Last Words podcast to talk about how the Internet has changed the way we get and view our motoring information.

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