Jeep Recovery US style

Matt Wetzel is a 45-year-old American that runs Matt’s Off-Road Recovery, a towing service in Hurricane, Utah and like many people, he takes camera’s along when he does a job, which usually includes his wife, son, and daughter – a good old American family affair!!

The area he works, is the very beautiful southern part of Utah near the Zion National Park, so consequently, he has some challenging jobs, and that’s why his youtube channel has more than 100,000 subscribers, which is a pretty good audience.

Ably assisted by their ever-positive mate Ed, they have a different way of doing recoveries in their modified XJ Jeep, affectionately named the Big Banana…… and I’m guessing about now you’re thinking ‘cringe tv’, and rightly so. However having seen a few episodes, if you’re into serious off road fun and consequently the possibility of needing to get out of trouble, you might like his youtube channel Matt’s Off-Road Recovery – YouTube

One of the recent episodes I enjoyed was when they were called to recover a Jeep with a blown engine that was stuck on the side of a hill. The driver followed google maps and ended up on what was really only a walking track …… and so that’s when Matt’s Off-Road Recovery swung into gear, a bit like a modern-day motoring Super Hero!!

Are We Really Going To Pull This Dead Jeep Up There!

If you’re in Utah and need recovering, here’s Matt’s website

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