Investing in Cars – Switzer

Last month saw the annual Motorclassica car show held in Melbourne, where
Australasia’s largest collection of classic and new exotic and prestige cars and motorcycles were on display. There were many millions of dollars of motor vehicles on show and as I walked around the show I pondered the age old question … how good an investment is an old car?

I asked myself questions like – should the investment be judged purely on financial gains; do you put a dollar figure on the hours of labour you spend working on it; how do you value the emotional connection and enjoyment you get out of it; do you need to spend a fortune to gain or lose, when purchasing an investment car; how much do you need to spend to guarantee some type of return; or where do you start when wanting to invest in cars?

Well, as a regular reader of Peter Switzers Daily newsletter, I was interested to read an article in one of his recent Weekend Switzer’s by Thea McLachlan that I think very effectively answers the last two of my questions above.

Have a read of Investing in Four Wheels, I hope it helps you to possibly make some money and get enormous enjoyment.

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