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Classic Car

Your car turns heads; we’ll give it the cover it deserves.

You’re keeping a beautiful piece of history alive, so make sure that it’s well protected. We’ll provide you with the insurance you need and back it up with customer service that understands your passion.

Famous for choice

Cover that suits your needs

Choice of repairer for your vehicle

It’s your vehicle; we think you should have the choice of who repairs it. Of course, we’re happy to recommend an expert repairer if you’d like.

Choose an agreed value

You know what the vehicle is worth to you, so let’s discuss it and agree on a specific dollar amount for your insurance.

Choice of annual or monthly premiums

Pay your premium once a year or, if it helps your cashflow, set up a monthly payment.

Famous for features

Benefits you’ll really appreciate.

Cover for accessories and modifications

As long as we know what they are, and we’ve agreed to cover them, they’ll be part of your policy.

Cover for emergency accomodation and towing

If an accident leaves you stranded, we’ll look after you. Terms and limits apply, so check the Policy Documents for details.

Cover for a hire car in case of theft

Car stolen? We’ll organise a replacement. You can also choose to be covered for a hire car in case of an accident. Check the Policy Documents for details.

Windscreen or broken window glass cover

We’ll cover one incident per insurance period without applying an excess. You can check the Policy Documents for details.

Car replacement for a total loss within 2 years

We’ll replace your car with a new one if it’s the first registration of the car and you’re the first registered owner. Check the Policy Documents for details.

Key and lock replacement

You’re covered for up to $2000 for replacing, re-coding and/or re-keying locks. Check the Policy Document for details.

Three simple steps

We're all about making things easy

Get a quote

Give us a call on 1300 FAMOUS (1300 32 66 87) to discuss your needs. Motorcyclists can choose to use our online quote

Duty of disclosure

Read the Duty of Disclosure and confirm that you’ve read and understood it

Policy payment

We offer a range of payment options, call us on 1300 FAMOUS (1300 32 66 87) to discuss